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What Are Zirconium Crowns and Bridges?

Zirconium crowns are the biggest saving weapon in aesthetic dentistry. It's a highly aesthetic, healthy, and durable material that's sometimes used in the restoration of very decayed single teeth, and sometimes in the restoration of one or more missing teeth with a bridge. It's so aesthetic that it's very difficult to distinguish zirconium teeth made by an experienced team and with care from teeth.

It has many advantages over conventional metal-supported porcelain crowns-bridges.

  • Due to its high light transmittance, it has an aesthetic very close to natural multi-teeth.

  • It's biocompatible, in other words, tissue friendly. It doesn't cause the gum recession caused by metal crowns, and even harmonizes with the gums over time, just like natural teeth.

  • The purple-gray coloration of the gums caused by metal-porcelain crowns doesn't occur in zirconium. It's the perfect material for pink-white aesthetics.

  • It requires much less abrasion than natural teeth.

  • It isn't stained by factors like tea, coffee, and cigarettes, and is easy to clean and maintain. It always maintains its white color.

  • Since it's prepared with computer-aided cad-cam systems, the margin of error is very low, that's, it bonds extremely well to the tooth to which it will be bonded.

  • Preparation time is fast. Again, since it's made with cad-cam systems, it's prepared in the fastest time.

  • Durable, unbreakable with chewing pressures, and long-lasting.

In Which Cases Are Zirconium Crowns-Bridges Used?

  • Long-lasting restoration of heavily decayed, root-treated teeth.

  • As a bridge in the completion of missing teeth.

  • Restoration of broken teeth.

  • Restoration of darkened or discolored teeth.

  • Aesthetic restorations on implants provided that they're limited to one or a few teeth.

  • It's also applied to people who want whiter and healthier teeth as the Hollywood smile application.

  • But there's an important point here; If the person's teeth don't have major decay or aren't excessively crowded, we recommend Laminate veneers more than zirconium crowns. Because the abrasion from natural teeth is less for laminate veneers.

  • Between the two methods, your doctor will determine and recommend which one should be applied to the person in the best way through examination and examinations.

Smiling suits everyone, natural and white smiles are possible with zirconium


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