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What is Laminate Veneer?

The number one actor of Hollywood smile and smile design is undoubtedly Laminate veneers.

Laminate is also called laminated and leaf porcelain. It's the most aesthetic restoration technique because of its thin structure and high light transmittance.

Although it's also made of composite material, porcelain laminate veneers are more aesthetic and long-lasting.


In Which Cases Are Laminate Veneers Used?


  • Aesthetic and healthy correction of decayed, broken, deformed, and discolored teeth.

  • Closing diastemas (gap between teeth, sparse teeth).

  • The fastest prosthetic correction of crowded teeth in people who don't want orthodontic treatment.

  •  It's used to provide permanent white smiles for people who want whiter teeth.

What Are the Advantages?

  • It's a minimally invasive, healthy, robust, long-lasting, and aesthetic restoration solution system. 

  • Requires minimal abrasion from natural teeth. 

  • Construction time is fast. 

  • It doesn't yellow or darken in color.

Like all other prosthetic restorations, laminate veneers are designed and produced individually. Producing quality, aesthetic, healthy, and long-lasting laminate veneers is teamwork. With an experienced dentist with a high aesthetic understanding, a skilled ceramist technician, and quality materials, perfect smiles are achieved.


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