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  • With over 40 years of clinical and laboratory experience combined with the confidence of hundreds of thousands of happy friends,

  • Our young and dynamic staff keeps themselves in continuous training, develops, is open to knowledge and innovation,

  • Our emotional intelligence and empathy, and understanding of "first don't harm" as Hippocrates said,

  • Our love for the profession, our respect for patients,

  • Our modern clinic equipped with state-of-the-art devices, equipment, and 1st class materials,

  • Most importantly, being a FAMILY is the value that makes us YKN DENTAL CLINIC.




We don't apply stereotypical fabricated teeth whose only feature is white, to patients, while even a pair of glasses doesn't suit every person equally. Our primary goal is to plan the most ideal dental aesthetics with personalized design with a naturalistic approach by taking the necessary time, listening to what patients want, showing the necessary sensitivity and care, and achieving healthy and long-lasting smiles.

With the Boutique Dental Clinic approach, instead of having many physicians working in the Polyclinic, experienced and permanent physicians offer patients the opportunity to receive service from the same physician during and after the treatment process or when they come back years later for new treatments.  


Our dental equipment and solution partners consist of the best international companies, we choose dental equipment and solution partners from the best international companies with the understanding that can achieve the long-term smile of patients with quality workmanship and quality materials. 

We make aesthetic laminate and zirconium restorations in the dental laboratory, which produces with CAD/CAM machines, enriched with 3D printers, and has technological equipment and experienced staff. With a dental technician on our team, prosthetic applications are fast and aesthetic, thus, treatments are completed in the shortest time.  

We have accommodation agreements with many large and high-quality hotels within walking distance of Polyclinic, which serves in the Beşiktaş district, one of Istanbul's commercial, artistic, historical, and cultural centers.  

We have agreements with various tourism companies for airport-hotel transfer, local transportation, accommodation, and city trips for foreign and Turkish patients coming from abroad. According to the demands of patients, we offer treatment-accommodation-trip and health tourism packages.

Our polyclinic is inspected by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

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