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Orthodontic Treatment

The formation of the dental arch or dental arch begins with the eruption of the first tooth and this arch will determine the shape of the child's smile as well as the function of the tooth. In addition to the dental arch, the dental supports are also formed around the same time.


Due to various forces in the mouth, there can be changes in the direction in which the tooth erupts and develops, which can lead to problems with jaw functionality. Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry responsible for the regular formation of teeth and dental supports.

Orthodontic treatment isn't only for children, but successful and aesthetic treatments are also possible for adults.

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Braces are now an accepted treatment method for children and adults who want to correct the formation of their teeth. Orthodontics has developed considerably in recent years and can offer different methods for different needs according to the patient's request. If we talk about braces, we can divide them into the following categories;

  • Braces for children

  • Braces for young people

  • Braces for adults

Correction of Tooth Formation With Braces

For children who need braces, it's recommended that the first visit to the dentist should be at the age of 7. This is the ideal age for an orthodontist visit and it plays a big role in determining the necessary treatments based on the condition of the child's teeth. If the child has some of the following symptoms, you should consult an orthodontist;

  • Finger sucking

  • Continuous mouth breathing

  • Early tooth loss

  • Excess or missing teeth

  • Overlapping of teeth

  • Cross closing

  • Upper jaw teeth are too far in front of the lower jaw teeth

  • Gaps between teeth

Depending on the age and the treatment needed, the orthodontist will decide on the type of braces to be used in the treatment. There're many types of braces available, including;

Removable braces

It helps to correct the relationship between the upper and lower jaw. It's made of plastic with a wire holder and must be worn for about 14-16 hours daily. It's only used in children, especially during adolescence.

Fixed braces

It consists of braces, brackets, and ligatures. Brackets can be made of metal, ceramic, or plastic and can only be removed by an orthodontist.


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