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Inlay and Onlay Porcelain Filling

Inlay and onlay treatments, mainly used in quality-oriented dental polyclinics / practices, are preferred if a more complex restoration is to be applied to the teeth.

When we consider the complete treatment of the tooth, it can be counted as an alternative to preventive dentistry. Porcelain fillings are an excellent choice when the caries damage to your teeth more than normal.

İnley ve Onley Porselen Dolgu.jpg

Ordinary filling is a good alternative for applying for the restoration of minor damage to the tooth, but it is insufficient to treat larger damage. We use porcelain filling to prevent the complete loss of the tooth and to protect the healthy tooth tissue. These ceramic materials we mentioned have excellent function and aesthetic qualification.

Inlay and Onlay Porcelain Filling

    With the help of porcelain fillings, successful healing can be achieved in the caries formed in your teeth that are too large to be treated with ordinary filling process!


    If only one surface (upper or side) of the tooth is damaged, an inlay filling will be an adequate treatment. It will completely close the gap in the tooth and strengthen the tooth structure.


    If a tooth has damage on both the upper and lateral sides, an onlay filling will be applied. In addition to closing the cavity, it will strengthen the tooth structure and increase the stability of the tooth.

We use the highest quality materials while producing our prosthetic works in our laboratory. Among them, we can count materials such as zirconium, e-max, glass ceramics.

Advantages of Inlay and Onlay fillings

the perfect fit

    Your filling is produced in our laboratory from your digital measurement taken by the intraoral scanner used in our clinic, and is applied to your teeth permanently by ensuring a perfect fit.


   The color of the porcelain filling to be applied is selected in the laboratory environment to be compatible with the remaining teeth of the patient. The materials we use are resistant to coloration and will maintain their aesthetic quality for many years.

Recovering tooth tissue

   When placing your porcelain filling, only the damaged part of the tooth is intervened and the remaining parts of your natural tooth are left untouched. It is also very important to use your natural tooth as the basis for tooth restoration and to restore the function of the tooth.

Easier brushing

Thanks to the fully compatible porcelain filling applied to your teeth, all risky areas that may be penatrated thefood and cause caries as a result will be eliminated.

The Chances of treatment in hard-to-reach areas

We can use porcelain filling in areas that cannot be reached with ordinary filling. Porcelain filling gives very good results, especially in damages between two teeth.

The strength and endurance

Porcelain fillings are very durable and make a great contribution to the restoration of the tooth damaged by caries.

    It will be enough for you to visit our clinic only twice for the production and placement of porcelain fillings. We can apply porcelain filling in the same day. Your mouth measurement, which is taken digitally with an intraoral scanner at your first appointment, is sent to our dental laboratory.

    The color tone suitable for your tooth is selected, manufactured and your porcelain filling can be applied to your tooth in the evening of the same day. With the intraoral scanner and CAD/CAM system we use, we have reduced the margin of error in the measurements to zero.


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